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Additional contributors libraries

The recent Paris Open Source Summit gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to all the Sweet Home 3D contributors who, driven by the same open source software spirit, designed and shared some 3D models and libraries with the community.
In this article, we wanted to especially report some additional libraries which can be useful in specific designs, in addition to the libraries listed in the 3D models import page.

2D symbols libraries

Let’s start to thank Dorin who created different libraries of emergency, electrical and furniture 2D symbols shown below. These objects can be viewed only in the plan and in the furniture list of a home, and are not visible in the 3D view.

Emergency symbols (904 kB - 40 models - GNU General Public License)

Electrical symbols (1.1 MB - 72 models - GNU General Public License)

Furniture symbols (1.3 MB - 71 models - GNU General Public License)

These libraries (and other ones) are available as SH3F files that you can download in the ticket #325 of the 3D Models Contributions Tracking System at
To learn more about Dorin's contribution, you can also read this thread in the forum.

Once downloaded, a SH3F file can be installed by choosing Furniture > Import furniture library menu item in Sweet Home 3D or by double-clicking on it under Windows and Mac OS X. After the installation of a furniture library, the items it contains are available in the Furniture catalog pane and you can add them to the plan.
To uninstall a SH3F file, display Sweet Home 3D About dialog box, then click on the Libraries... button shown at bottom and click on a furniture library listed in the Libraries in use dialog box. This will open the folder where this SH3F file is installed. Finally, delete the SH3F file and restart Sweet Home 3D. Note that even if you delete a library, the items added to a SH3D file won't be lost.
You may also create you own SH3F files or edit existing ones, using the Furniture Library Editor (read also the Create your 3D models section in 3D models import page).

Electrical and plumbing libraries

Let's also thank FDpaffie who created a library containing electrical 3D models available in ticket #406 and a library of 64 models of plumbing pipes and rings, locks and handles available in ticket #404 as shown below.

Electrical models and water valves (1.8 MB - 10 models - Free Art Licence)

Plumbing pipes and rings (10.7 MB - 64 models - CC-BY Licence)

In ticket #403, he also proposes a library of junction boxes 3D models for electrical purpose (3.5 MB - 51 models - Free Art License).

Roofs, windows and framing

Okh, a very faithful contributor, created many interesting libraries. Most of them are provided as SH3D files from which you can copy the models you want to paste them in your own design.
First, in ticket #430, he proposes 14 roof parts that you can assemble to create your own roof.

Roof parts by Okh (123 kB - 14 models - Free Licence Art)

In ticket #372, he also proposes an octagon roof.

Very useful to create renderings showing interior parts hidden by walls as explained in this tip, Okh designed a half window and a half door available in ticket #399.

Half window and door (3 kB - 2 models - Free Art Licence)

He also proposes in ticket #405 windows of various shapes described in this thread of the forum.

Funny windows (7 models - Free Art Licence)

In ticket #257, Krams036 proposes another roof parts library shown below.

Roof parts by Krams036 (176 kB - 22 models - Free Art Licence)

On his side, BigRyan proposes to the community a lumber framing library in ticket #421.

Dimensional lumber library (1.6 MB - 30 models - Free Art Licence)

Shop designed with dimensional lumber library

And, if you need a magnificent triangular entrance, you can download the following model designed by Santuna Bose from ticket #386.

Triangular entrance (796 kB - 1 model - Free Art Licence)

3D letters and digits

FDpaffie also created a large 3D alphabet set available in ticket #449 and used it to design a furniture library made out of characters.

3D alphabet by FDpaffie (3.6 MB - 524 models - Free Art Licence)

Similarly, Francesco Deep also shared his own 3D alphabet in ticket #402 shown below.

3D alphabet by Francesco Deep (123 kB - 48 models - Free Art Licence)

For fun

For the fun, you could try to build castles with the Dungeon Builder library designed by John and available in ticket #424.

Dungeon Builder v5 library (10.9 MB - 51 models - Free Art Licence)

You could also reuse the amazing Starship Entreprise library created Desslok and available in this thread of the forum to furnish your home or your starship, like in this USS Enterprise Walkthrough video he created in March 2015.

Starship Entreprise library
(17.4 MB - 32 models - Free licence requiring attribution to Kenneth Mayes)

Other useful objects

Regularly, some 3D models proposed by Sweet Home 3D contributors are also added to the contributions library. Since its last update, more 3D models have been contributed in the 3D models contributions page at as well as in the 3D models and textures section of Sweet Home 3D forum, like these staircases designed by Graff or these fences designed by bdfd. Don't hesitate to explore by yourself these places to find more models, or even better, to post your own 3D models, improvements of existing ones or homes designed with these models. To make your contributions as reusable as possible, you could also read this thread.

Again, many thanks to all Sweet Home 3D contributors and sorry for the ones who may not have been quoted here.

Avatar: vintprox

Re: Additional contributors libraries

Love what you guys do! <3 Absolutely positive that it's the most resourceful of the free 3D collections out there! Reminds me a lot of how I used to pick stuff in sandbox-esque videogames (like GMod) for exterior/interior design and exposition. It's so much fun. You guys are inspiring me to do a studio for creating machinimas very much, so hyped right now :D
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