Privacy policy

eTeks, the owner of Sweet Home 3D software and copyright as well as web site, doesn't collect private data on web site, except for users registered in the forum. Traffic logs and usage statistics stored on the server are not public and not shared with any other organization, whether a user is registered and logged in, or not. web site doesn't use audience report tools like Google analytics or comparable external tools, and doesn't show any advertising.
Nevertheless, most pages published on web site display Sourceforge logo, a few pages show some videos hosted elsewhere, and the forum lets users share images hosted on other web sites. These images and videos come from,, and other web servers, possibly letting the owners of these web sites the ability to track users' visits on web site at their will.

For registered users, data stored on consist of:

Homes data is private unless the user explicitly agrees to share it publicly. Each user can retrieve his own data by himself or request its removal if needed, by writing at

The information about the users who downloaded and installed Sweet Home 3D or Sweet Home 3D Mobile from Mac App Store, App Store, Microsoft Store, Google Play or Amazon is managed by these companies and not shared with eTeks. Homes data created with Sweet Home 3D application or Sweet Home 3D Mobile app installed on a user's computer, tablet or smartphone is only stored on the device where he or she installed it, letting him or her the choice to copy this data elsewhere and keep it private or not.

See also legal notice for more information about eTeks and Sweet Home 3D.

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