Plug-ins and tools


This page describes the main plug-ins and other tools available for Sweet Home 3D.


The following table lists the most interesting plug-ins developed by eTeks or by the developers who proposed them in Plug-ins Contributions Tracking System. A plug-in proposes additionnal features in Sweet Home 3D and can be installed by double-clicking on its SH3P file. Under Linux, if it doesn't work, install it with the Terminal command path/to/SweetHome3D path/to/plugin.sh3p or copy the SH3P file in the subfolder .eteks/sweethome3d/plugins of your user folder.

(source code included)
eTeks N/A No Adds the Tools > Copy as new furniture menu item that copies the selected objects in plan as a new piece of furniture into the clipboard (read more)
(source code included)
eTeks Yes No Adds the Tools > Generate 3D shape menu item that creates a 3D shape from the coordinates of 8 vertices entered by the user (read more)
(source code included)
eTeks N/A No Adds the Furniture > Export imported furniture to SH3F menu item that exports all the furniture imported in Sweet Home 3D catalog to a SH3F file (read more)
(source code included)
eTeks N/A No Adds the Tools > Export to HTML5 menu item that exports the 3D view of the edited home to an HTML5 page viewable in any WebGL browser (read more). This tool is also available through the Exported homes manager which lets you export and host SH3D files on sweethome3d.com web server.
(source code included)
eTeks Yes Yes Adds the Tools > Modify road line style menu item that lets the user choose a French road line style for the selected polylines and their color (read more).
(source code included)
eTeks Yes No Adds the Tools > Add evidence marker menu item able to generate a numbered evidence marker on the item selected in the plan (read more)
(source code)
Tobias Liefke Yes Yes Adds the menu items Edit > Rotate, Edit > Move, Edit > Flip, Edit > Resize, Furniture > Elevate, Plan > Edit room points, Plan > Connect walls that allow to modify the selected objects in plan (read more)
(source code included)
Enko Nyito N/A No Adds the Tools > Advanced settings of photo rendering menu item that allows to modify some advanced properties used by photo renderers at the two best quality levels (read more)
(.sh3p file with source code included)
Enko Nyito N/A No Adds the Photo-video rendering menu, with menu items for rendering photos and videos with extra settings (read more)

To uninstall a plug-in, remove its SH3P file from the plug-ins folder of Sweet Home 3D, and restart the application. This folder is shown when you click on any SH3P file listed in the Plug-ins section of the Libraries in use pane. The latter pane is displayed by clicking on the Libraries... button shown at the bottom of Sweet Home 3D About dialog box. If you want to program some plug-ins yourself, read the Plug-in developer's guide.


The following table lists some additional tools developed by eTeks useful for Sweet Home 3D. These tools are available as Jar executable files that can be launched by double-clicking on them once Java is installed on your system. Under Mac OS X, the first launch of a Jar executable file downloaded from the Internet must be done by clicking on the Jar file while maintaining the ctrl key pressed, then choosing Open in the contextual menu that will appear.

(source code)
This application lets you create a SH3F furniture library file and edit the properties of the 3D models it contains (read more)
(source code)
This application lets you create a SH3T textures library file and edit the properties of the texture images it contains (read more)
(source code included)
This application removes useless entries that may have appeared in huge SH3D files (generally larger than 500 MB) created with Sweet Home 3D versions older than 5.2, when you used the recent list of textures shown in the textures dialog box to copy textures of the 3D models found in the furniture catalog (read more)
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