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Summer survey

This summer, Sweet Home 3D runs its first survey with a new question published each week in this article. Please give your opinion.

Note: This survey was closed on September 18, 2016. You may see answers in this article.

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Re: Summer survey

I think that to use facebook, or any app correlated to, to achieve this target is a bad idea. That could be done in freedom by this site or any third party free app that don't require a registration.

I have no facebook account and I fell bad to be excluded by this kind of survey, I use SweetHome3D from very long time now, about 8 years now.

Hope this feedback could be useful.


Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Re: Summer survey

Managing correctly a survey tool on a web site isn't simple and I preferred to use a tool like facebook one, rather than spending too much time on configuring such a tool on

Anyway, good to know you've been using Sweet Home 3D for 8 years :)

Avatar: Roland

Re: Summer survey


Just a suggestion:

You can easily build such and even complex surveys on - it's available in many languages and free.



p.s.: I am working with sweethome3d under Linux for many years, already and at the office, I use it regularly for office-planning purposes. It's a fantastic software!

Only one thin bothers me a bit - I didn't find out how to place walls in a way, that the inner distance between two walls equals the distance I entered for the length of the line - it's always 2 times half the thickness of the wall less :-(

Avatar: Anonymous

Re: Summer survey

I absolutely love this program. I really want to get a job as an Assistant designer though I have no degree, but if I did I would donate a $1000. That's my goal for this software.Thanks for this software guys. I just like how people have access to different designs . 

Avatar: Andréas Livet

Re: Summer survey

You've a good software here. A bit difficult at the begining but since we've understood the principles it's ok.

It still needs a lot of ergonomic polyshing IMHO but it's OK.

I miss a empty answer field in the survey cause I mainly use Sweet Home to design my house, calculate surfaces etc. but not for building workers cause I'll build it myself !

Also following the openbuilding institute initiative, have you add the ability to put roof on the houses at the end ?


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