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And you, how do you use your Sweet Home 3D? Episode 30

Ulli has designed large construction sites during his work for a while. A quite unusual and impressive way to use Sweet Home 3D!
We sent him the following questions:

- Why and when did you choose Sweet Home 3D in your field of activities?

After I have found out how easy it is to use Sweet Home 3D we have started to use it for our purposes.

- The pictures you present represents quite large areas. Are the plans also used for some implementation details?

The plans are basically used to analyze space requirements on a site in 2D which in the same time is used to visualize and illustrate the expected site situation in 3D. This helps us to explain certain site set-up issues much faster. It also helps very well to show, highlight and mitigate safety hazards caused by the planned site set-up. For detailed planning CAD software needs to be used.

- Which recent additions to Sweet Home 3D are most useful to you? Roads ? The Terrain Generator plugin?

The Terrain generator is a handy plug-in helping us to model construction sites located in challenging landscapes. At the beginning it was a bit tricky to use it, after a while it's common practice.*

- What features are you missing now?

It would be nice to have a quick video preview feature. This would allow to adapt the video several times quickly before it is finally rendered. **

- What training did your international employees receive for Sweet Home 3D? Do you use Sweet Home 3D in different languages?

Sweet Home 3D is more or less self-explaining. To work with several levels or how to apply the video feature efficiently requires a bit training. We use Sweet Home 3D in two languages, English and German.

Thank you very much, Ulli. All the best to you and your company!

* The two sites above were designed before the Terrain Generator plugin.
** This feature partially already exists, using the Play button in the Create video tool.

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