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Saudi girls video projects

More and more schools and universities use Sweet Home 3D for students projects because it's easy to use and free.
As part of special projects they had to design in computer application field, students of the Housing and Home Mangement Department at the Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, created some videos with Sweet Home 3D, Photoshop and Premiere software.
Once done, their teachers Samia Al Almousa and Ohood Al Yousif wanted to show the world what Saudi girls are capable of, and promised them to upload their videos on a dedicated channel of YouTube.
So here's the nice results of 2 weeks of hard work. Enjoy!

Re: Saudi girls video projects

Thanks Sweet home To Add Our projects in your website

and I would like to thank My Teacher Samia Almusa for her efforts with us

Thanks My teacher

Avatar: ohood

Re: Saudi girls video projects

Hi I would like to thank you first for appreciating our students' efforts. I am the owner of the youtube channel(sh1sweethome3D) that has been dedicated to show some videos that has been designed using swet home 3D sweet home 3D is in deed a very special and useful program for interior design. courses in this semester, we are working on designing galleries using the program. We well be showing more and more videos to shere ideas and thoughts. and I wish that you add arabic language in the coming updates and i will cooperate with you if you want. Ohood Alyosof lecturer at Housing and home managment PNU university Saudi Arabia.
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