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Furniture libraries 1.1

During the last 2 years, more than 130 new 3D models were proposed by contributors. To help you import faster these additional models, the existing furniture libraries were updated on November 9, 2010.

Updated SH3F files can be downloaded with the following links:

SH3F files are now available in the 16 languages supported by Sweet Home 3D. A big thank you to the 3D models designers and to the new and old contributors of Sweet Home 3D project who patiently translated all these furniture names.

By the way, 10 new models designed by Scopia were also added. Wouldn't these apples be nice on your kitchen table ?

On November 11, the furniture catalog available in Sweet Home 3D Online was also updated to let users have access to the 445 available models in each supported language.
During this update, I discovered some errors on lights diameter in the Scopia.sh3f and KatorLegaz.sh3f files. As these errors were really small, I chose not to create a new version number for them and simply updated these files.
On november 26, I discovered a bug in Contributions.sh3f file that could lead to create too big SH3D files. Therefore, I released a new version 1.1.1 and updated the links in this message.

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