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Sweet Home 3D 2.4

Sweet Home 3D 2.4 was released yesterday with a few improvements described in version history.

More features in furniture import wizard

This new version brings the ability to import 3D models at Collada/DAE format and a better support for some features that may appear in imported 3D models, like:

  • lines
  • transparent texture images
  • modulation of texture illumination according to light brightness.

Collada/DAE support will allow you to import the numerous 3D models available at Google 3D Warehouse, thus giving you more choice to layout your virtual home.

Add various people and furniture to your layouts

Want to check if the Eiffel Tower will fit in your garden?

You can also use 3D models at SKP/Sketchup format, by converting them to Collada format with the free version of Google Sketchup.

Better memory management

Memory used by 3D models was optimized, and depending on the models you used, this could lead Sweet Home 3D to consume much less memory.

Updated Advanced rendering plug-in

Finally, the Advanced rendering plug-in was updated with DAE/Collada format support and the few additional options added to it in the beginning of May.
The Advanced rendering plug-in can be downloaded at:

Avatar: DrNI

Re: Sweet Home 3D 2.4

Unfoetunately, Google Sketchup is not available for Linux, so this blocks my access to their incredibly huge repository of 3d models. Is there any other converter available?
Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Re: Sweet Home 3D 2.4

It would be better if all the models of Google Warehouse were available at Sketchup and Collada/DAE format, but it's not the case. Anyway they propose actually many models at Collada format that you can import in Sweet Home 3D.
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