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When I started Sweet Home 3D project in 2005, it took some time to find a nice name for this software. I wanted something suggestive enough for English speaking people but for other people too, since I'm French native. But it had to be a name that wasn't a project name at, a brand name or a domain name.
Based on the Home Sweet Home expression that many people know, Sweet Home 3D seemed to be a nice idea.

Once Sweet Home 3D 1.0 was released in September 2007, I sent press releases to let potential users know it exists. But I forgot people ready to run business from ideas found by others without asking any authorization. Among them, there is a special kind named "domain squatters" who buy domain names with a .com extension or an other free extension, simply because nothing forbids them to do it. Soon some people booked,, domain names to simply display Google adds on their matching web server.
Once I decided to host Sweet Home 3D web server on one of these domain names, it was too late! The owners of these domains didn't accept to transfer their domain to me, and as a citizen from European Union, I decided to host Sweet Home 3D on domain.

A few days ago, I wrote again to domain owner to ask him once more if he would agree to transfer this domain to me. I don't know whether its because Sweet Home 3D is a registered trademark since 2009 or not, but this time he accepted to transfer… for free! Hurrah!
So, after a few technical adjustments, Sweet Home 3D is now accessible from and from

Hosting Sweet Home 3D on won't improve its features, but nowadays, an important part of an application's life is about hosting it and ensuring its visibility on the Internet. Thus, I felt getting back was an event important enough to share it with you in this blog.

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