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Bamboo by Renderbob
CC-BY - 494 kB
Bonsai tree by Scopia
CC-BY - 460 kB
Christmas tree by Scopia
CC-BY - 489 kB
Decorative plant by Nmn9
CC-BY - 183 kB
Ficus by Scopia
CC-BY - 1 MB
Flower box by MattMump
CC-0 - 646 kB
Greenhouse by Ola-Kristian Hoff
LAL - 63 kB
Indoor plant by Betomo16
CC-BY - 454 kB
Little plant by Rameshrj
CC-0 - 83 kB
Plant by Peter Smolik
LAL - 127 kB
Plant by eTeks
CC-BY - 26 kB
Plant by Scopia
CC-BY - 50 kB
Planters desk by Pencilart
LAL - 8 kB
Spathiphyllum by HeraSK
CC-BY - 1.4 MB
Spider plant by Nmn9
CC-BY - 445 kB
Succulent plant by Nmn9
CC-BY - 259 kB
Yucca by Betomo16
CC-BY - 307 kB
LAL = Free Art License
CC-BY = Creative Commons Attribution License
CC-0 = Public domain

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