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Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in

Here is a SH3D demo file for using the plug-in with new light sources and image-based lighting (sky with texture).

Dear Enko,
may I ask as a Newbie in this Software:
Do really mean that IBL is possible with SW3D.
As far as I know, for IBL usage and renderings, the sky-picture should be a hdri (32bit).
But such hdri´s are not useable in SW3D, right?

So, how is this IBL been done, is it really based on the sky pictures pixels?

By the way:
Many thanks for your phantastic support, here in the forum!

Hi Sabine,

Even if Sweet Home 3D does not support HDRI format, it is possible to make an IBL rendering with the SunFlow or YafaRay engine.
Choose a good quality sky texture and possibly hemispherical.
Use the latest version of the plug-in by checking Enable sky lighting.
For a true IBL rendering, it is preferable to have a time when the sun is no longer visible.

This type of rendering takes longer and the effect depends on your image. (see posts by Cecilia or my tests)

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