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Re: Reality Check

You can't edit the model from within SH3D or the furniture library editor.
You need to open the furniture model (original or exported from SH3D) in a 3d modeling application (Blender, Art of Illusion, etc.). You can then select the objects in question within the model and rename them by applying the sweethome3d_window_mirror prefix to the name.

If a furniture model is in OBJ format you can alternatively open the OBJ file in a text editor. Search for lines starting with g (see example of mirror model in previous post).
There is probably more than one if the model uses several colors or textures. To find out which is which you should look for the usemtl statement (usually on the next few lines). usemtl defines the material (color, texture) to be used for the group. These material names are visible in the modify furniture - materials: modify dialog in SH3D.
Identify the ones you would like to be mirrors and add the sweethome3d_window_mirror prefix to their existing group name.
g item_1
g sweethome3d_window_mirror_item_1

Save the OBJ file and import into SH3D.

Best, slimpy
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