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Leaving SH3D after 8+ years as a devoted user...

As much as it pains me to no longer use SweetHome 3D, I must. After numerous posts in the HTML plugin thread, I STILL have no valid solutions for the problems I continue to encounter. Not only can I not export to HTML (STILL getting the can’t export XML error message... this is now on SEVEN different machines!!!!), the app as a whole completely locks up my MacBook Air to where I have to hard shutdown and reboot. Happens every single, blasted time I enter Virtual Visitor mode! Furthermore, I completely resent that the primary developer believes it’s ok to suggest a bandaid for a heart attack (aka a workaround) especiallly when he publicly express zero desire to bake the functionality directly into the core! Yeah, it might take a little more time than you want to dedicate to it but it’s CLEARLY an issue that is affecting more than just me. JUST. SOLVE. THE. PROBLEM.

I also believe SH3D does not have the developmental support to give this app the boost to the present that it so desperately needs. Fixes are slow as Christmas, that’s if they even hold, there is no mobile version and the the online version is completely useless. Trying to get Java to work on a modern Mac is a HUGE PITA... and that’s if you CAN get it working!

SH3D used to be my go to 3D Modeling app and I promoted it EVERYWHERE I saw someone touting SketchUp... (I am VERY active in the Tiny House community and this topic comes up frequently.) So, with no alternative but to leave, I’m forced to learn Live Home 3D Pro that DOES have a SOLID iOS app not to mention a Mac version AND allows importation of objects in the 3D Warehouse. Export to HTML? I believe so but haven’t gotten that far yet. Doesn’t really matter now because I can show colleagues my designs on the go... with my iPad Pro! What a concept for 2020... In terms of cost, both versions are actually MUCH CHEAPER than when I tally all the donations and MAS purchases I’ve made...

While I know this post sounds very angry, it’s because I am and rightly so. I’ve had it with excuses and lame workarounds which have made me spend more time (that never actually worked!!!) than it would have taken the dev(s) to just FIX THE PROBLEM! I will miss SH3D... truly.... just not the current mess SH3D has become.

PS - For anyone who has nothing better to do than to criticize me for vocalizing my VALID frustrations publicly, here’s a news flash for ya. Nobody cares! This isn’t for your eyes. This is for the devs to get insight as to why their app is being abandoned, by not just me, but other previously happy users who don’t dare say a word in an open source community forum. This is for those who truly want (and have the coding chops) to kick SH3D in the ass and make it the truly superior modeling app. There’s no doubt in my mind it absolutely has the potential of being as prominent, or more, as SketchUp.
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