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Using a texture as sky, horizon is too high


I'm just trying to follow the thread "Light & textures - rendering examples of this and that" about using an image as sky, but there is a problem:

We're currently planning our new house, and we simulate every wall, window, ... in sh3d which is just great!!! We took images and video clips (pans) from all windows of the old building which we'll replace and now I'm trying to put them on Ceciliabr's template correctly. Since I've put the cadastral plan (an exact map) with all surrounding buildings as a background image to one level, I can put temporary walls to measure the angle between the current windows and certain edges of the surrounding buildings in order to determine the horizontal positioning of the images on the background template. This works quite well. (I extract the images from the video clips and stitch them together to get panoramas before).

But even if I put the images only on the green horizon part, I'm still getting the panorama view quite too high. I think this is because some neighbourhood buildings are too near; and: the terrain is rather hilly: our building is at 464 m above sea level, and in one direction we look at a lake which is at 408 and just about 500 m away, with building inbetween.

So my question is: is it possible to "extend" the sky texture below our ground floor / the horizon?
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