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shock Video Enhancement

I would very much like to be able to export the video path data in an XML file and then be able to edit and re-import. I noted that the aerial view does not seem to be catered for in the video.

The pattern of use I envisage is creating a "rough" fly around and walk through set of data using the existing system.

I would then view and revise this data adding lines, changing "walk speed" or rather frames between two positions, perhaps adding an entirely new walk or fly segment to an existing sequence.

To me this would be about refinement, use quick "GUI" tools to develop a rough outline but then hand edit the numbers and save that data so that over time and repeated viewings the video improves.

UK/NZ/AU readers will probably spot me straight off as a GrandDesigns fan ( self build TV series ) - of course if I could add a line in the XML at a specific point to turn off/on visibility of a particular object then it would be possible to emulate some of the GD aspects, its great to be able to aerial view and circle a building with the roof removed and then add it before going to internal view etc.

Ok here is a very professional version - my proposal would be a lot simpler than this, I think a lot of the "polish" in the video attached in the link is unnecessary - it is not necessary to watch the building "build itself" but the ability to turn off roof or ceiling visibility at a certain frame could be very useful.


For my project the video aspect is quite a bonus, we will be seeking permission to build a small tourist business - local authorities will want to look at detailed plans but initial approaches may respond well to initial video renderings - not to mention my inlaws who will doubtless want reassurance that their son in law is not leading their daughter into building oblivion d oh
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