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rose Voice and script game system

As I said in THIS POST , the large-scale online home decoration design platform has been super powerful. So Sweet Home 3D can only develop other advantages.

What is the real advantage of Sweet Home 3D?
I think Sweet Home 3D is a simple and convenient 3D model placement software.
If you want to play more of this advantage. We need to strengthen the support of furniture library.
1. let the 3D model be simpler, occupy smaller file space, and choose more.
2. make the 3D model put out to do more things.

Pre-segmented dynamic object system recommendations belong to the 1 type

Voice and script game system recommendations belong to the 2 type

The benefits of Voice and script game system, in addition to being helpful to existing users, can also make another type of person prefer this software.
This type of person is a primary school student.

Modify furniture's interface 2 red box buttons are the add music button and add decision box button

Orange circles are the range of sound.
The green circle is the activation script range (judgment range)

Each object can add multiple sound files. Trigger scripts to turn on sounds, switch sounds, turn off other specified sounds, set sound open delays, mix different sounds of an object, switch models, hide models, unhide, jump to specified Viewpoint, modify object coordinates, turn on Or turn off the trigger script,Modify the stored numbers, you can use numbers to activate other scripts, and the numbers can be used as the basis for the decision.

With these simple features, there are many possibilities.
Background music, animal calls, vocals, questions and answers, introduction, commentary, children's fairy tales
Virtual visit MODE walked over and opened the door automatically, leaving the door and window after leaving.

Complex points can even make a simple game, players can analyze the clues and find different people in the correct order to activate the perfect ending.

If primary school students can easily make what they want, I think people will always use this software. Its work files will also be circulated.
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