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Thanks for this great application

Hello everyone,

this is probably a quite sentimental introduction of my design, but it has a very special meaning for my girlfriend and me. Here's our story:

We found each other over the internet 4 years ago and (to make things short) after 3 years long-distance relationship spanning 450 kilometers, I finally quit my job as a software-developer in my home town, found the same job here in Bavaria and moved here to share my complete life with my girlfriend instead of just weekends.

The flat we got was as if it had emerged right from our dreams: It was big enough, spanning two storeys, had an open kitchen, a balcony, an office (which was a special requirement for me ;) ), a light bedroom and a huge attic. What was also fantastic was the fact, that we had an italian restaurant in the ground floor. The house was 600 years old, but was refurbished by its owner, our lessor: wooden ceilings and floors and partially even walls. Fantastic.

Then in November (after my girlfriend had done what women usually do: decorate with little china figures etc.) I started decorating: I bought a new TV-Set in November with a 47" LED HD-TV and an ear-blasting 5.1 Surround System -- watching Pirates of the Carribean was really thrilling :).

But then, in the evening of the 27th of December 2011, a fire started in the neighboring flat. As I mentioned above: the house was 600 years old with lots of wood. The next moring it had burned down to the ground. Our neighbours and we had lost everything: Fotographs, Papers and other memories and also my computers (and my Home-Cinema equipment, of course).

We found a new flat. Nobody had died, nobody was injured and our five cats were well and alive. However, this new flat is a flat we needed quickly. It is not the one that we would have chosen if we had the opportunity. And the furniture is also 'just' a donation. I mean: I thank people for their donations, otherwise we'd have no clothes etc. But all these furniture is not "ours", if you understand what I'm talking about.

(Yes, I'm going to post something for the gallery biggrin )

Fortunately, our lessor is going to rebuild the house! And even though the old ruins had just been torn down a few weeks ago, his insurance has already paid and we (i.e. his former lodgers) already got the plans! If everything goes well, we can move in this fall and spend the money of our householders insurance to buy furniture... our Furniture! biggrin

So, to spend the time till fall, I was looking for a modeling application, found SH3D and after some tinkering took the plans for the "new" house and started furnishing our new, 'upcoming' flat. And here - after lots of text, finally! - it is:

To view it bigger click the link, Picpaste is a bit strange in it's behaviour (it's not an 'evil' link)

So, I'd like to thank the authors of SH3D for their product. It's not only a fun tool to use, it may also help people who currently have a hard time to manage.

Thank you and keep up the very good work... I'll do so, too and am currently modelling a new Surround Sound System using Art of Illusion... the subwoofer is already placed biggrin

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Re: Thanks for this great application

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope the new house will be even better than the previous one. It won't be 600 years old anymore, but modern houses have some advantages
too wink

Just a thing: you forgot the link to the image or the document you wanted to share.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer
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