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Posted by Ninanoki at Apr 7, 2019 7:14:33 PM
taras elevation
how can i elevate taras (around 20 cm)? do I need to make a new level?

Posted by Mike53 at Apr 7, 2019 11:17:35 PM
Re: taras elevation
Not sure if you mean terrace or terrain either way i think another level is needed

Posted by digitaltrails at Apr 8, 2019 5:15:06 AM
Re: taras elevation
I used textured boxes resized to large slabs to create a two level deck.

Posted by Mike53 at Apr 8, 2019 8:08:01 AM
Re: taras elevation
This file may help, not sure who shared it originally, if it had to guess either okh or cec, thx to whoever it was.
Several shapes made for terra forming

Posted by okh at Apr 8, 2019 1:15:07 PM
Re: taras elevation
Ah yes, I think I may be to blame for sharing this as a kind of rough draft. There is a thread for this on SourceForge (3D models 299. The selection is pretty limited (and the texture maps are not really good). But the general concept of using geometric shapes as landscape can still be pretty useful.

When Cec shares geometry for landscaping, they are easily distinguishable by a much higher quality...


Posted by Puybaret at Apr 8, 2019 2:43:51 PM
Re: taras elevation
Okh, don't blame yourself, these shapes might be basic but they are easy to handle as most of the time for simple objects, as explained at the end of the tip How to design a beautiful garden (shown at the right of the garden in this 3D view).
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer