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Posted by VeroniQ at Sep 19, 2018 12:01:43 AM
applause   Best of the gallery
Here is a (subjective, of course!) list of the best threads published in the gallery of the forum.
Enjoy your visit and congrats to the selected people! smile
Keep also in mind the interviews in the blog to see some other great designs.
VeroniQ and Emmanuel


After having designing his new kitchen with Sweet Home 3D, Slimpy remodeled identically his current living room. Hard to recognize the real one!
Reality Check

Keep going

Work in progress in this recent thread coming from Indonesia. Good luck Hinjolicious, we follow your dogtrot house with great interest...
I'm Building This Dogtrot House!


Ceciliabr willingly shares her beautiful and poetic illustrative images, with advice and tips. Many thanks!
In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit...


Spongebob designed and built this job training center in Burkina Faso. Congratulations!
Fanga e.V. job training center in Burkina Faso - West Africa


HawkDawg is an expert in levels, mezzanine, roofs, swimming pool… and improved them in this big dreamy house.
Tri-Level House

Oldies but goodies

Even yet in January 2011, Sclee mastered so well Sweet Home 3D that he could bend buildings. Amazing
Wave building


MartinSK dreams of beautiful houses and renders them perfectly. Bravo!
Interior rendering... photorealistic ?


Anhmax designs very neat rooms. Here is his "Bedrooms collection 2015"!
Bedroom collection 1


We bet everyone would love to work in the beautiful office of Xiste. So hype!
Plans for redecoration


Mazoola helped his friends to model their house to be sold. A great rendering and an intersting way of use.
Selling the sizzle: Visualizing a property's potential


A collaborative thread between an Archionline plan, VeroniQ reconstruction, Perlexotic decoration and EnkoNyito plugin. Well done, girls and boys!
Modern house Alliance


Well done, Sjimran, especially the way you cut walls to have a better view. Clear and neat.
High Quality Interior renderings Updated


It seems Kurucom uses Sweet Home 3D for his company. Good job!
Another one with Sweet Home 3D + Lumion


Pro or not, Mystvearn designed and built his kitchen with talent. A "before/after" successful story.
Kitchen test for my future apartment


Have you got a smaller kitchen? Alax shared his good and tasty ideas for a small but smart kitchen.
kitchen 300cm length


From the other side of the world, some other tasty ideas shared by TommoLeo.
Office Rooms


UbuntuBirdy imagined several boats thanks to Sweet Home 3D. Surprising!
Who would like to live in a houseboat?


Outside, inside, Mike53 has perfectly designed this elegant house.
New Build


SnakeGB designed and realized his bathroom with precision. Spot the differences!
My Bathroom


AeowynFraser imagines big houses and decorates them with many details.
Tudor Castle version 2


Bdfd designed the first riad of the Forum. Exotic and handsome!
Casablanca... without Humpfrey


As early as 2009, Hansmex mastered colors and lights yet. Poetic!
Hommage to Light


Woodyhomebr rendered his designs with a fisheye lens, and it still looks nice!
I created a blog for my creations sweet home 3d ;)


Exceptionally, no image in this thread but a link to a video of a perfect experience comparing the interiors designed by Akalvin with the ones of his real house. One word: Amazing!
House designed with Sweet Home 3D