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Posted by antonioperez2002 at Sep 9, 2017 2:55:42 PM
New version doesn't work!
Hello , I tried to update java , and put some commands at cmd but it doesn't work! I tried to update my graphic card but its already updated!
I did everything that I know to do.I already tried to open the program with java start but it doesn't work too. Here's a screenshot of my problem:
(Please if someone can send me the link for the previous version , thank you)
If you want you can conenct with my pc via TeamViewer and try to solve the problem. I tried everything. My ID is : 600 600 299 and the password : 7632
I really would like to continue using this fantastic program 'cause I love it.
I have a Windows 10 PRO 64 bits Intel Core i7.
The previous version worked so good!
Thank you so much!

Posted by VeroniQ at Sep 10, 2017 4:45:03 PM
Re: New version doesn't work!
Hello. You can find all the previous version here

Posted by Puybaret at Sep 11, 2017 8:51:01 AM
Re: New version doesn't work!
Antonio, if you love the program, please respect also its developer and other users: complaining on facebook because you didn't receive an immediate answer about an issue in a free program during a weekend is not really friendly. Moreover to find something that you could find by yourself! angry
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer