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Posted by Puybaret at Sep 28, 2010 1:00:46 AM
Sweet Home 3D 3.0
The first Beta of Sweet Home 3D 3.0 is available as a Java Web Start application.
As seen at the bottom of the following capture, it integrates the features available in the Advanced rendering plug-in, except glossy and silk rendering options that I'll probably manage in the coming weeks.

To avoid adding too many new controls in the Photo and Video creation dialogs, I just let to the user the ability to change the date of the photo, the lens and the option to add ceiling lights (checked by default). The other controls are spread elsewhere:
- The geographic location, the time zone and the North direction are set with the new compass that you can display in the plan as a rose.

The North direction, the location and the size of this rose can be changed with the mouse or with the Compass dialog displayed by the menu Plan > Modify compass….
This dialog lets you change also the geographic location, the time zone and whether the rose should be displayed or not.

- The power of lights can be set in the Furniture dialog with a new Light power spinner.
As you can see in the following capture, this dialog layout was reorganized (and will change again to manage glossiness). Hope you like it! smile

Of course setting a light as invisible or setting its power to 0 will turn it off.

- A Light source was added to Lights category. As the additional lights available with the Adavanced rendering plug-in, its 3D model is normally invisible in the 3D view.
To help you place this light source (and the ones updated by db4tech), a 3D model is displayed but only when the light is selected in the plan. This 3D model will never appear in prints or photos created at low level quality. The 3D model of the new light source provided with this version looks like a grey wireframe sphere:

- The window transparency is now fixed in SunFlow, therefore light can go through any window. smile
- The additional Sun light is always active. If you don't want it, orientate the North of your home differently.
- Images created at the third level quality use the same parameters as the ones db4tech uses in his latest releases.

This new version has also some other features among which:
- The date/time spinners added to the Video creation dialog let you make vary the time during the video, and therefore the Sun location, as Frédéric did by hand in April.
- The navigation in the 3D view in Aerial view mode was improved, and it should work better (sometimes the camera elevation during a zoom was updated a bizarre way).
- I finally added the function that deletes automatically outdated temporary files of a given Sweet Home 3D version. Please test this feature by crashing Sweet Home 3D voluntarily and relaunching Sweet Home 3D (old temporary files should be deleted 20 seconds after program relaunch). The temporary files are in the Work subdirectory in Sweet Home 3D private directory.

A question: in a new home, the compass rosace is visible and appears at the top left of the plan. Even if many users don't care about the North direction, I felt that displaying the rose by default was the right behavior to be sure people know it exists. They can always move it or hide it if they don't need it.
What's your opinion about this?
Is the top left corner a good location, knowing that from a computer to another new windows don't have always the same size.

Expect more features in the next Beta updates. smile

Meanwhile, your feedback will always be much appreciated...

[Note from developer: Sweet Home 3D 3.0 was released on November 30, 2010]
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer

Posted by Puybaret at Sep 28, 2010 8:58:03 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
An additional note about compatibility with SH3D files created with previous versions:
- The compass rose isn't shown. Make it visible with Plan > Modify compass… menu item.
- The values set for lens, date, time, time zone, North direction, latitude, longitude and ceiling lights in the Advanced rendering plug-in aren't used in version 3.0 and you'll have to copy them back if needed. By default, date/time is set to midday today, latitude/longitude are set from your time zone and ceiling lights are turned on.
- All existing lights are turned off and the angle set on light sources isn't used for its power level. Adjust the power of each light with the new Light power spinner available in Furniture modification dialog. You can edit the power of more than one light at a time by selecting them and choosing Furniture > Modify... menu item.

I hope these changes won't bother you too much.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer

Posted by hansmex at Sep 28, 2010 1:18:07 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0

Thank you for the first beta of SH3D v3.

The compass shows when starting a new design, then disappears when loading a model made with a previous version. Unfortunately your solution doesn't work (under Ubuntu 10.04), because nothing happens: no pop-up window or anything.

On the side: would it be an idea to move these settings to the Preferences menu? The Plan menu is very long already, even when not counting the additions from the Edit plug-in.

Dual boot - AMD FX6300 6-core, 16GB ram
Windows 10 Pro, SH3D 6.2 with 8 GB memory allowance
Ubuntu 18.04, SH3D 6.2 with 2 GB memory allowance

Posted by Puybaret at Sep 28, 2010 5:04:37 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
Hans, the visibility of the rose may vary from a home file to the other. Use Plan > Modify compass… to make it visible or not. Note that it's drawn first in the plan, so it may be hidden by furniture.

I won't put compass settings in preferences because a user may want to display the compass at a different location in each home, and the geographic location of a home will generally vary too.

I just released the version 3.0 Beta 2 with two bug fixes:
- 3D models that use fully opaque PNG textures aren't transparent internally anymore. This should fix a few cases like this one when some transparent objects are in front of each other.
- SunFlow now supports transparent textures as the following image shows. smile

(the Eiffel Tower Collada file comes from Google Warehouse)
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer

Posted by whippetsleek at Sep 28, 2010 5:13:14 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
The new version does pan in the 3d view much more smooth than 2.6, and I do like the visible compass. Great improvements!

But I noticed there are some light issues that I'm not sure are just coming from me being new to the different settings, or if something could be tweaked in the renderers settings... Any of the lighting I made previously, or that I am experimenting with now, seems not to make nice complex shadow and light patterns. The colors of the lights also wash out, or become faded, especially if there is a window in the room. Not being able to turn off the sunlight affects the shadowing to a great degree. Even if I put a night time of day, the darkness doesn't look correct, and there is still a strong shadow.

I made these two renders with the same lights and furniture, and same view settings. The first is from the old Advanced renderer in 2.6. You can see how the colors show on the wall, and the lights themselves looked dim...

This is from 3.0 and the colors are much harder to see. I also had to remove the windows (I removed the windows from both version to make a fair comparison) I had in the room, or the light coming from the windows overpowered the small lights.

I know there isn't much of a difference between the two, but the color reflecting from the wall is what I was going to use in a couple of scenes I was working on. So I was just wondering if there are some settings that I could change myself?

Thanks for all your work to make this software! smile

And transparent textures are going to be a fun addition! biggrin

Posted by Puybaret at Sep 28, 2010 6:01:06 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
The lights in the second image look brighter. Did you try to reduce their power?
I forgot to mention an other change that may change the rendering: the size of the light has an effect only on the new Light source added to the catalog. I will have to create a new SH3F lights file to make this feature available in the other lights too (at this moment, they will always have a 6.5 cm diameter).

I don't understand the problem you have with light coming through windows at night time. Do you use a bright texture in the sky? Do you still experience some problems if you use a color for the sky?

Thank you for your feedback. smile
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer

Posted by pencilart at Sep 28, 2010 6:24:30 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
As far as the Advanced Photo plugin, it tells me, "The current version of the plugin can't work in java web start. Please use this SweetHome 3D version available at..." (and it gives the download page address). So, I couldn't use it to test it. :(

Other than that, the new SH3D seems to work a little sluggishly but ok (My system is using the iced tea version of java by default). The compass rose is so huge when SH3D starts though. I have to keep modifying it to 24 inches to make it smaller.

I found where the sun java webstart executable is located so I tried it again using that version but I got the same results with the Advanced Photo plugin but the compass rose looked a lot better.

I opened a SH3D file that was created in 2.6 and then I made a couple of screenshots of an attempt to create a photo using the Create Photo tool, one with the default camera and the other was done using the depth of field option:

I hope you can see this but, there's a weird color to them (blue and green). The lights I had used were the normal yellow color.

Posted by whippetsleek at Sep 28, 2010 6:30:38 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
I have changed some settings and this is what I have now...

The lights are still very bright, but the light from the window is lessened. But there still is a strong shadow outside the window. And I get more black spots with the window added for some reason? I have a dark grey texture added to the sky.

Pencilart, I also can not get the advanced renderer to work in the new 3.0, ( I get the same message) I am working with the built in renderer.

Posted by Puybaret at Sep 28, 2010 6:32:54 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
The Advanced Photo plugin could never run with Java Web Start. That's partly why it's time to integrate its features to Sweet Home 3D itself... wink

The compass rose is so huge when SH3D starts though.
How is that possible??? sad
Isn't it 3 feet / 1 meter wide? Does anybody else experience this problem?
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer

Posted by pencilart at Sep 28, 2010 6:59:36 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
It is set to 39.37 inches (3' 3 3/8"). In the Iced Tea version of Java it has an ugly looking thick ring around it that goes away when i resize it. Like I said, with the Sun javaws, it looks fine.

P.S. in the Sun javaws, SH3D is much more responsive than with the Iced Tea version. Hopefully, my browser will now use the Sun version all the time.

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