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Posted by db4tech at Sep 22, 2010 10:30:50 PM
smile   AdvancedRenderingClassic-1.6.1
Hi All,

I've had a few requests for this now, so here is. AdvancedRenderingClassic-1.6.1
As per Emmanuel's wishes I've used a slightly different name.

This is the standard size interface version, with the bug fixes, tweaks and new features found in AdvancedRenderingMini-1.6.1

New version 1.6.1 supersedes the previous version 1.6

Firstly Bug fixes / Improvements

I discovered that both versions (full size and mini versions of AdvancedRendering-1.6) suffered from a button label problem that could easily be replicated. The issue also affected the French labels. Used a quick fix, (not connected with the word changes) which solves the problem for both English and French label texts.


Slight modifications to some of the English button labels:
Use light angle as power knob becomes
Light bulb angle controls brightness

Glossy becomes Gloss, this is so both Gloss and Silk labels are read in the same descriptive way, otherwise it would be necessary to use Glossy and Silky. Also for the future this then represents paint styles, Matt, Silk and Gloss.


Have further tweaked the caustics (Compute glass transparency) settings which should allow lights placed a little further away to still pass through thick glass objects. This is only a slight improvement!




Adjusted light settings so multiple light sources are reduced while using a sky texture. The only downside (if "Add sunlight" isn't ticked) is the shadow on the opposite side of the building will be darker.




Introducing a completely new "Fast" render method!
I'm trying this out to find users opinions. This should at least be as fast as before or with a few seconds. It has 2 main benefits and 1 slight downside.

Firstly the slight downside:
some shadow areas can be a bit more noisy, this can be tweaked further to make shadows less noisy, doing so has an impact on render speeds.


New: (as mentioned, nosier shadows) but lights and shadows are rendered correctly.

Now for the 2 benefits:
The banding problem seen during daytime "Fast" renders is completely overcome.



Soft shadows are now rendered while using "Fast" instead of multiple shadows, this also greatly improves lighting previews before doing a "Best" render.

Old: Interestingly the original "Fast" render method produces more noise on the back wall in this scene. So I guess both have their good and bad points.


Don't forget that all these renders are with the "Fast" setting so "Best" renders will look much better! smile


Now for the new addition! smile
Something many users have asked for. The ability to see where light bulbs are placed in the Sweet Home 3D preview window, allowing for easy positioning.

The cross-hairs also indicate the light bulbs size but it is important to remember when resizing light bulbs to enter the same size in all furniture size fields (Width , Depth and Height)
The light bulbs are sphere lights, entering a different size in only one field, still means the light increases in size in all directions, but the cross-hairs won't show this, unless the same size is entered in all fields.

I'm hoping when the lighting system is integrated into Sweet Home that the size fields will have the size proportions locked, so it will only be necessary to enter a size in one field.

The new AdvancedRenderingLights-1.6.1 are needed to see the new cross-hairs and they must only be rendered with AdvancedRenderingClassic-1.6.1 (or AdvancedRendingMini-1.6.1) or newer. If they are used with an older render version the cross-hairs will be visible in the render!

This is what will happen, if the new lights are used with an older AdvancedRendering version:

The new AdvancedRenderingClassic-1.6.1 is fully backwards compatible, so all previously used BasicLights, or BasicPlusExtraLights (or for users not wanting to use AdvancedRendingLights-1.6.1) should render without problems.

I do hope these updates will be useful and help users with their renders. smile


The new files are attached below this message.

Attachment AdvancedRenderingClassic-1.6.1.sh3p (106322 bytes) (Download count: 9461) ((New cross-hairs light bulb positioning, bug fixes and improvements) Standard size interface version.)

Posted by whippetsleek at Sep 23, 2010 10:18:01 AM
Re: AdvancedRenderingClassic-1.6.1
I like the new bigger interface, thank you very much!

I do have a couple of quick questions... I made some very low res fast renders of a glass top table, and from a low POV looking through the glass, it seems like the light was bouncing from the bottom layer of the glass. So I thought maybe the POV was too low, and the tree was cutting down on ambient light, so I took the tree out, and raised the POV. It worked much better. So my question is basically, does the light bounce from both sides of a glass object, or does the render compute the "stronger" flow of photons from a single source? You can see how it looks like the objects in the scene are floating in the first render.

Here is the original POV

Here is the second try


Posted by db4tech at Sep 24, 2010 12:39:55 AM
Re: AdvancedRenderingClassic-1.6.1
You're welcome! smile

In answer to your question, if the glass surface is a solid object, then the light should only reflect from the side facing you, as it would in real life, if it is a hollow object then (if "Compute glass transparency" was ticked) it would also reflect from the lower (or upper in this case) surface as well.

I'm not sure If I've answered your question though? smile


Posted by whippetsleek at Sep 24, 2010 1:36:40 PM
Re: AdvancedRenderingClassic-1.6.1
Yes, you answered it. smile Thank you