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Posted by tibihan at Aug 25, 2010, 10:52:56 AM
With a colleague, we have realized with young students (eleven year old) a project during the school year 2009-2010 : make the plans of our school with SweetHome 3D.

Then we decided to make up a story and produce a video. But at that time, the "Create a video" option did not exist in SweetHome 3D.

After some investigations and the help of "Plugin Developer Guide", I realized that it was not difficult to move the visitor and record a photo. So, I started to develop the plugin VideoPlugin.

Then E. Puybaret edited a new version of SweetHome 3D with the "Create a video" option. However, I decided to continue the development of my plugin for different reasons :
- the pleasure to achieve it,
- it facilitates the continuity of the various sequences produced by the students,
- it enables to edit the path without having to erase the previous steps,
- it enables to modify the visitor's speed and the step duration (between two passage points).

However, it has got 3 drawbacks :
- because of lack of time, the interface is quite basic,
- it is more complex to use than Emmanuel's panel which is intuitive ; but some of my best students managed to deal with it and helped the others,
- I did not succeeded in recording the video : distinct images are produced and must be edited to a video with another program ( we have used VideoSpin from Pinnacle ).

In spite of these drawbacks and following Emmanuel's advice, I publish the plugin as an example of possible developments which can help other developers of the community. here

Do not hesitate to notice some bugs or ask for questions.
Jean-Luc Delmas

Posted by tibihan at Aug 25, 2010, 11:34:01 AM
Re: VideoPlugin
I have forgotten to give you a link to the result.

You will find a commentary on our work, and the video :click here