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Posted by kajus24 at Mar 21, 2020, 5:16:12 PM
How to design a bathroom?

I have an issue to design the walls of the bathroom.
I want different types of tiles on different areas of the room and also in different heights.
If I use a texture on the wall, the texture is in correct dimension, but just for the complete wall. And - in case of a "front wall" ( Vorbauwand) I want also a texture on the top of the wall, what is impossible.

If I use a box instead of the wall, I have the issue, that the texture of the tile is expand on the complete front of the box, not in the right dimension. For example the tile is 60x30cm, but the box ist 100x80cm, than the box shows just one tile. It works in a different ways than the textures on walls.

Posted by hansmex at Mar 22, 2020, 5:08:42 AM
Re: How to design a bathroom?
Use the Baseboard function in Modify Walls. That way you can give the wall two colours.
If your texture doesn't show the way you want, you can change where the texture begins.
It may be necessary to use a texture that has the same height as the height of the Baseboard.

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