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Posted by RiffRaffMama at Feb 29, 2020, 1:47:07 PM
confused   .3DS and .gsm files download separately. How do I install?
Often when I download a 3D model online, the .3DS or .obj file has a separate .gsm file supplied with it in a zip file. How to I merge the .gsm file and .3DS/obj file when importing into SH3D so the imported object displays properly with colours and features, etc? I usually just get a blobby white figure with no details.
This is a picture of the files and what happens when I try to install them:

Posted by Puybaret at Mar 2, 2020, 6:22:37 PM
Re: .3DS and .gsm files download separately. How do I install?
GSM files come with 3DS files in 3D model downloads provided by Archive 3D, but they are not used by Sweet Home 3D. You can even remove them if you want to reduce SH3D file sizes.
If the colors of your model are missing, it’s probably because some texture images are missing or that these images are at a format not supported by Sweet Home 3D. One trick could consist of converting these images to JPEG or PNG format but keep the same exact file name (even if the extension wouldn’t reflect the actual format of the image).
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer

Posted by RiffRaffMama at Mar 4, 2020, 3:44:07 AM
Re: .3DS and .gsm files download separately. How do I install?
Hi Puybaret,
So do you mean convert the contents of the gsm folder to jpeg and then edit the materials of the imported 3DS file, applying each jpeg on its relevant part as a texture, once I have placed it in my project? I would have to do this every time, yes? Or is there a way to save an edited 3DS file as a new furniture item?

Posted by hansmex at Mar 4, 2020, 4:42:03 AM
Re: .3DS and .gsm files download separately. How do I install?
No, the zip file contains the same model twice: once in GSM, once in 3DS format. SH3D can't read the GSM file. To save space, you can unzip the file and delete the GSM folder.

In the 3DS folder you replace the JPG files as described above.

Once you import the model, it is retained by the program on condition that you assign it to a category during importation.

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