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Posted by Puybaret at Oct 16, 2010, 11:32:42 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
It was tough, but I succeeded to add support for round walls in the Beta 13, another long awaited feature... smile

In this Beta version, round walls can be drawn only with Wall creation tool, by pressing Ctrl key (Alt key under Mac OS X) during the second click that points out the end of a wall (you can also press Enter + Ctrl or Alt to edit the arc angle with the keyboard).
I'll add a Arc extent spinner in the Wall modification dialog later, to let users create round walls afterwards.
Meanwhile, please tell me your opinion about this gesture.

It's possible to place windows or doors in the round walls but at this moment, you'll have to adjust manually the angle and the depth of the window to make it make a hole in the wall.
I suggest you to use first an invisible box to make a hole in the round wall then place the window in that part, like in the example file attached to this message. Try it and you'll understand why, it's not so easy to place automatically... wink

Phew, I'm tired of trigonometric computing, 2 PI modulos and y inverted axis for a while!!! confused
Attachment RoomWithTower.sh3d (349231 bytes) (Download count: 1285) (A room with two round walls)

Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer