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Posted by whippetsleek at Oct 13, 2010, 9:09:53 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
Pitnounours : I've found out with Sketch models, (and you might have learned this already, so sorry if I am repeating) that if a surface is not a component, all surfaces in Sketch are considered two sided. So when you make a model, you should select the faces not in a component, and reverse the faces, and reapply your texture to avoid losing the texture when exported.

Sketch models when exported to dae files have a known bug called xyz battles. It means that if two faces are on the same plane, the program decides which face is the viewable face, and it might not be the face that you want showing. So always try to have either a dominant component, or two faces textured the same if you have to have two faces on the same plane.

Puybaret: Thanks for your time and reply, and I found out while discussing this with another modeler, that my latitude and longitude were not correctly assigned in my settings, and that is what was throwing off my sun's position at the time I thought should have been dark. So please forgive any confusion. smile