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Posted by PtiNounours at Oct 13, 2010 6:13:01 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
When I run repeatedly Q3 and Q4, the object (left)is sometimes with or without texture.

_ I conducted another test to see if the renderer does not reverse the faces of the object created in SketchUp. So I textured the 2 sides (face hidden and visible).
The result is ok in Q3 and Q4 which displays textures.
Q1 and Q2 without texture.

_ I also tested with sketchup export (1 side only and not two-sided); same problem. Need texture the 2 sides for renderer.

In the 3D view (not renderer), there remains a difference in color between the object and the wall that have the same texture. This difference in color is not present in version 2.6 and has appeared on the latest beta.

_ Last test, insert a cabinet and stained with the same texture as the wall.
the cabinet is the same color as the object Sketchup. The textures of the walls in the 3D view is clearer that these two objects. The walls therefore have a small problem.

In hope that you've understood my bad Englishbiggrin