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Posted by PtiNounours at Oct 12, 2010 9:59:53 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
For rendering sunflow Version 3 beta 11, the result is rather convincing. Particularly in terms of lighting for interiors that is much brighter without having to add many light sources that was not the case with the Mini Advanced Rendering v1.6.1 which could sometimes works really dark.

Conversely, there are actually bug graphics on objects that have bright textures. I would do more tests later.

On the walls, they are all set to 'Mat'. I think this setting does not affect rendering SH3D (3D view), but acts only on the rendering Sunflow?

When I created a textured object in sketchup then imported into SH3D version 2.6, no color differences were noticeable with another object that both created and textured in SH3D. It seems to me that under the version 3 beta 7 or 8, I did not this difference in color, which appeared to me since this latest version. (I zap versions 9 to 10 that I have not tested).