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Posted by db4tech at Oct 10, 2010 4:23:18 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
Hi Emmanuel,

While testing some ideas, with the new transparency, I've just discovered an interesting bug with 3.0 beta 9.

It should be easy to recreate.

  • All I did was create a square building, added a floor/ceiling.
  • Next added a simple rectangle obj with (a 50% Alpha blend) your cloudy sky texture.
  • Turned off the ceiling light and added 1 light source behind the rectangle at the default 50% brightness.

First render, everything looks great! smile

Thought I'd take a look at the image on the wall/floor, so moved the point of view to the right.

It's then I discovered the bug.

As soon as the light source goes out of the frame, the centre of the image receives no photons to render.

It get progressively worse the further the light source goes out of the frame.

Tried it several times with different angles.

Then moved the view back to the centre and tried looking down. Here the centre fails to receive photons while the light is still in the edge of the frame.

Once the light goes out of the frame, (as before) it gets worse the further the light is out of the render frame.

It happens with both highest render settings and with yours or my lights.

By the way, thank you for adding the "Keep proportions" tick box! smile
Did you decide not to lock proportions, while editing light bulbs?

I've not had chance to try the tweaked glass colours yet.


Edit: To attach file.


After some further tests I'm not so sure that it is the light source going out of the frame causing the problem.
It seems more connected with the Alpha mapped objects angle of view to camera.
Attachment Alpha test.sh3d (439571 bytes) (Download count: 273)