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Posted by db4tech at Oct 6, 2010 3:37:15 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
the source code is available in CVS
Thanks for the link. smile

blue sky that appeared during the night, I simply turned off Sun light
Good thinking!

can you increase the "Plan" zoom factor x10
I'm going to try.... What I want to try first is to zoom on mouse pointer location
Sounds like a great idea!

The current factor is smaller than in the plug-in but I tried it at 100% with a light located in very large rooms and felt the value I finally chose was largely enough.. Remind that Sweet Home 3D isn't designed to draw stadiums... [;)
Hmmm after doing some tests, still not bright enough at 100%. wink Actually it's funny that you make that second point, with you not knowing a feature I've already added to version 1.6.2! biggrin

It would be helpful to have a preference option, to not hide the cross-hairs too!
I want that users understand that this sphere is bound to selection only and won't be taken into account at print or with image creation at the 2 lowest quality level.
I've been giving this some further thought, all other 3D applications (that I can think of) don't hide the lights place holder, when the lights aren't selected?

Users would easily learn that your new light sphere or lights place holder doesn't render.

There has been no misunderstanding so far about that feature added to 1.6.1.

All I ask is for a preference option to let a user choose, so they can make their own decision. smile

3D Lights placeholder
Hide unselected:
Show unselected:

I don't mind if you want to make your bizarre idea the default option. tongue (Couldn't resist a bit of harmless teasing, after you called my original (temporary!) light control method bizarre. biggrin)

No, the developer of SunFlow finally helped me to add support for transparency and transparent textures. By the way, again many thanks to him!
Fantastic news, maybe SunFlow does have a future after all! smile

stronger glass colour, maybe a bit too strong?
It's the contrary: their color was too clear before. If you compare to the OpenGL view the glasses you show, you'll see they are supposed to be really green.
I did and here are the results.

Knowing that there can be subtle differences between graphics cards and driver colour representations, I tried to do a tougher test as possible.
As an extra note, my screen is colour calibrated and I'm using an Nvidia graphics card.

Added the render images again, to save users scrolling back and forth between posts.

OpenGL 3D


VMware virtual computer drivers OpenGL 3D

VMware virtual computer drivers DirectX

1.6.1 & 1.6.2 render

3.0 beta 4 render

3.0 beta 7 render

Also took some real compare photos, trying to simulate the render: Only have 2 Hi Ball Tumbler glasses though. smile

To my eyes the original glass colour (as seen in 1.6.1 render) is the most accurate to real life so far, and fairly closely matches OpenGL 3D and DirectX previews. Obviously this will vary slightly for people viewing this thread on uncalibrated screens.

Other Ideas for 3.0
One request I made before was for, the ability to lock the size proportions on the furniture editing dialog box , this would greatly help when re-sizing items (like it is by default when importing an object)
This doesn't have to be a wordy or complicated affair, I think something like The GIMP uses would be the easiest, and is also language independent.

Proportions locked

Proportions unlocked

While editing light bulbs size, the proportions should be automatically locked (and the proportions unlock option grayed out)
So that users understand that the lights (no matter what size they enter in 1 field, because they are sphere lights) the lights always expand the same amount in all directions.

Thank you for your work on 3.0 and for implementing the matt and shiny wall options. smile