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Posted by starrunner at Oct 4, 2010, 1:28:21 PM
Re: New plugin: Advanced plan editing
Hi Hans,

I'm developing software since many years - I know that users don't understand the intention (and power) of some functions at first, so don't hesitate to ask...

Currently a plugin has not the possibility to interact with the user interface of SH3D (at least not officially), thus I could show a dialog where you select the points to connect, but I can't let the user select the points on the plan, neither can I visualize that point in the plan. I think I implement the dialog in the next version of the plugin, that way I could show a notification when there is a previous connection that would be removed, too (as there is always only one for each start/endpoint).

Btw. I don't move the wall, I just move the end points - if you look at your upper image, you'll notice that the upper wall is stretched there. The lower image you can achieve by reversing the direction of both walls and selecting the lower wall first. Maybe you should display the direction of the walls in your tutorial (by selecting them before taking the screen shots).