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Posted by hansmex at Oct 4, 2010, 11:06:26 AM
Re: New plugin: Advanced plan editing

1 - Split wall --> Join walls
What I would like here, is in fact a kind of Undo for the Split wall function. It should (re-)connect two parts of a straight wall.

2 - I am in the process of writing a tutorial for all plug-ins. This is an image I made to illustrate the behaviour of the Connect walls function as it behaves now.

Only now do I see there's a small mistake in the picture: the walls were drawn in this order: red-blue-white (in the picture it says red-white-blue; being Dutch makes it difficult to change the order of some colours...). I chose an example with three walls to better illustrate the behaviour of the function.

Here is the correct picture.


I made a new image that better shows what I would like. First it shows current behaviour: an open room can be closed, correcting a "mistake" that often happens. The second part of the image shows something that might be a useful new function.

I think this could be implemented by asking "Wall 1: Connect end point or start point?" and then "Wall 2: Connect end point or start point?"

There is a variation on the second example: joining walls in a T-junction or a Y-junction, although its use would be more limited.

I hope this clarifies what I meant.

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