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Posted by Puybaret at Oct 3, 2010 9:00:33 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
Thank you all for your feedback smile

The newest doors and window you submitted use some transparency with a very dark color, which make them finally look almost dark in SunFlow. sad

I'm glad you succeed to try transparent textures, but you know you don't have to go very far to find some existing models that use transparent textures too. Many plants are designed that way... wink

First the source code of the Beta version is generally available in CVS, and for example you can read the current version of the PhotoRenderer class here.

Good to see you found a way to allow compass rotations negatively from 0 (zero) and positively past 359 back to 0.
Finally, it wasn't so difficult to program... wink
For the blue sky that appeared during the night, I simply turned off Sun light when the sun is bellow the horizon.

I do find the bucket spiral (render method) makes me feel a bit dizzy!
I forgot to announce that change. I chose that order because I felt it's nicer to use a predictable rendering method that first shows the middle of the picture.

can you increase the "Plan" zoom factor x10
I'm going to try. Going to extreme scale factors might be confusing...

can you lock, the currently selected furniture item in the center of the plan view while zooming?
As the selection may contain items that are eventually out of sight, I'm not sure it's a good idea. What I want to try first is to zoom on mouse pointer location, when the user zooms with the mouse wheel + Ctrl/cmd key.

can you increase the power factor
The current factor is smaller than in the plug-in but I tried it at 100% with a light located in very large rooms and felt the value I finally chose was largely enough. Setting light power to 50% sounded also more reasonable than a much smaller value. Remind that Sweet Home 3D isn't designed to draw stadiums... wink

It would be helpful to have a preference option, to not hide the cross-hairs too!
I want that users understand that this sphere is bound to selection only and won't be taken into account at print or with image creation at the 2 lowest quality level.

Do you think it's time to retire the sky colour option since it only affects an OpenGL 3D preview and original OpenGL 3D render?
No, many users limit their use of Sweet Home 3D to its default values.

It has no effect on the Sunsky algorithm
I'll explain in the help that the chosen color is always replaced by a sunsky in the two highest quality level for photo realism sake.

Are you using a modified Janino shader to provide texture transparency and fake caustics?
No, the developer of SunFlow finally helped me to add support for transparency and transparent textures. By the way, again many thanks to him!

After doing some render compares, apart from the stronger glass colour, maybe a bit too strong?
It's the contrary: their color was too clear before. If you compare to the OpenGL view the glasses you show, you'll see they are supposed to be really green.
Caustics and current transparency management works a different way. Caustics might look more realistic but are much heavier to compute and didn't work with faraway lights. Your 2 examples are nice, but remind Sweet home 3D is for interior design purpose first. Therefore I prefer that users can see a light reflect in windows with the new transparency algorithm than they can generate the nice glass images you show.

Lastly don't forget about me!
Thank you for reminding me. It will be available from next beta version. smile
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer