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Posted by db4tech at Oct 2, 2010 6:38:56 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 3.0
Hi Emmanuel,

I see you've been busy! wink

As a note, I have added the comments in (brackets) to help other users know what we are talking about.


Good to see you found a way to allow compass rotations negatively from 0 (zero) and positively past 359 back to 0.

Also that you fixed this bug, did you recompile SunFlow to allow for a full Sunsky (the way the sky is produced when no texture is used) sphere, instead of the default 180 degree arc? I had thought of a different way to fix it for AdvancedRendering-1.6.2.


I do find the bucket spiral (render method) makes me feel a bit dizzy! smile
What are other users views?

I also looked at the different bucket order methods but there's no real speed advantage between them.


Different thoughts and ideas:

Firstly, please can you increase the "Plan" zoom factor x10 to help with positioning items less than 1cm in size. At the moment, while trying to move/drag very small items, other furniture handle options get selected first (Re-size, Height, Rotation and vertical scale)

One feature I asked about before. Please can you lock, the currently selected furniture item in the center of the plan view while zooming?

The way the Plan focuses on the center of the scene while zooming, instead of the selected item, makes it difficult to find the furniture item again, without re-selecting it from the furniture list.


Furniture lights (Light bulbs)

I now notice the light bulbs maximum brightness is much lower, are you still using the same formula you used before? If so please can you increase the power factor to compensate for the maximum returned figure of 100 compared to the previous value of 359, and bring the default bulb brightness down to say 30%?

Lights and cross-hairs:
Interesting to see you implemented the idea you mentioned before, about the cross-hairs only showing while selecting/edting a bulb. It would be helpful to have a preference option, to not hide the cross-hairs too! smile

I find it helpful to be able to see other lights cross-hairs in the 3D preview while positioning new lights, so I can gauge how large and small lights will work and fit together. At the moment, if I select more than 1 light to show both or all cross-hairs then all items will also be edited.


Sunsky: (the routine used to show a sky when a texture is not used)

Do you think it's time to retire the sky colour option since it only affects an OpenGL 3D preview and original OpenGL 3D render?

It has no effect on the Sunsky algorithm, either that or move the sky colour option to the texture side, offering either

"Default sky" or "Colour/Texture"

Then when a user selects a colour, internally SH3D will generate a graduated sky colour texture, with the users colour at the apex, or just below, of the sky dome.

On a slightly different topic. Now I've seen it in action, I'm not sure having the the Sun constantly enabled is a good idea?


Texture transparency and Caustics: (light shining through glass)
Are you using a modified Janino shader to provide texture transparency and fake caustics? wink

After doing some render compares, apart from the stronger glass colour, maybe a bit too strong? I notice there isn't much light fall off and overlapping shadows appear black, plus there's no shadow colour blending, which is why I thought you may be now using fake caustics.

Caustics version compare: Notice the overlapping shadow problem.

1.6.1 and 1.6.2


1.6.1 and 1.6.2


Lastly don't forget about me! biggrin

Right, I think that will do for this little post! laughing

Looking forward to seeing the source code.
Keep up the great work! smile