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Posted by whippetsleek at Sep 23, 2010 10:18:01 AM
Re: AdvancedRenderingClassic-1.6.1
I like the new bigger interface, thank you very much!

I do have a couple of quick questions... I made some very low res fast renders of a glass top table, and from a low POV looking through the glass, it seems like the light was bouncing from the bottom layer of the glass. So I thought maybe the POV was too low, and the tree was cutting down on ambient light, so I took the tree out, and raised the POV. It worked much better. So my question is basically, does the light bounce from both sides of a glass object, or does the render compute the "stronger" flow of photons from a single source? You can see how it looks like the objects in the scene are floating in the first render.

Here is the original POV

Here is the second try