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Posted by starrunner at Sep 17, 2010, 8:33:18 AM
Re: New plugin: Advanced plan editing
Hi Hans,

we are talking about the same plugin, but not about the same actions (= menu items) wink

A plugin can have more than one action. So mine has three actions, two of them also available in the toolbar:

- Edit -> Resize (available in the toolbar)
- Plan -> Edit room points (also available in the toolbar)
- Plan -> Join walls (not available in the toolbar)

If you ask, why I didn't mentioned the menus in the plugin: The name depends on your locale. I thought if I talk about "actions", everything would be clear - but that seems to be "developer speak" smile

To your question 4:
If you look at the rulers during changing the "justification" (or if you have something in your plan that is not selected), it should become more obvious how they work. You are selecting in which direction to grow or shrink, in other words these coordinates are the "fix point".

I hope, now that thats clear, I don't need to write a step by step tutorial confused