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Posted by db4tech at Sep 16, 2010 12:47:08 AM
Re: AdvancedRenderingMini-1.6.1 + new lights

Since a light bulbs brightness can now be controlled, and to make it easier, there is now just one colour of each light bulb, plus a new Daylight colour bulb! smile

AdvancedRenderingLights-1.6.1 for use only with the new AdvancedRenderingMini-1.6.1 (or a later AdvancedRendering version)

In the future I will probably just call them AdvancedRenderingLights, to make it easier for users to upgrade to later versions.


Edit to add highlighted text:
Because several people have downloaded just the lights without the AdvancedRenderingMini-1.6.1, so they will see the cross-hairs in their renders.

Maybe I should have added both files together in a zip file in case the downloads are by none English speaking users?


Edit 2:

Just found a bug with the new lights, the cross-hairs lose their colours when returning to a previously made model.

Here is the bug fixed version that solves that problem!

[Note from moderator: I removed the buggy version to avoid confusion as requested by db4tech]
Attachment AdvancedRenderingLights-1.6.1.sh3f (132135 bytes) (Download count: 13546) (Bug fix version. Solves the problem of cross-hairs losing their colours)