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Posted by db4tech at Aug 27, 2010, 9:38:46 AM
Re: Simulate sun position and lights/shadows
You're welcome Emmanuel!

I really hope the extra features and rendering tweaks help many users by allowing even more photo realism.
I too greatly look forward to seeing users renders in the gallery section, using the new features that version 1.6 brings! smile

Here are a couple of examples to let users see what is now possible with the new Silk setting.

Firstly Pencilart's kitchen sink and units (thank you again Pencilart!) using the glossy setting. As a guide, this is all the original Advanced renderer was capable of producing.

Now here is the same scene, rendered using the Silk setting which (apart from being able to produce glossy and diffused surfaces) can also render real (diffused or shiny) chrome.

The Silk setting does take a bit longer to render scenes, because it uses a far more advanced shader. So only choose this setting if your scene contains different levels of diffuse surfaces and/or chrome.
If not the Glossy setting will be faster.

If anyone has any questions (or comments) please feel free to ask(or post)

Right I really must stop and get some sleep, just wanted to post these first to help.

Take care all and enjoy! smile