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Posted by db4tech at May 24, 2010 11:56:38 PM
Re: Simulate sun position and lights/shadows
You're welcome!

Yes I have been carefully watching your Beta 2.4 thread with great interest but had to go back to using 2.3 to test the shaders and also so I could render my model with my extra lights and without the ceiling light.

Okay time for a further shader update.

I tried rendering one of the test models available on the Gallery page and found when using Uber (like the chair seat) the leaves render grey.

After some experimentation I think I now know why.

I could be wrong but I believe just a few tweaks are required to solve both problems. I found with my tree test (as with the curtains and some other surfaces in my room test) that the grey leaves are caused by their texture value being seen as too shiny, at the moment shiny textures values are being interpreted as off the scale so are then rendered grey instead (parts of the curtains where they become too shiny are also grey). Also the rough texture values are being interpreted as too rough which is what caused the extreme light scattering in my first few room render tests.

So rather than needing to edit every model the only thing that should need adjusting is how Uber interprets the presented shiny and rough texture values, smile

After finding the tree leaf solution I then tried editing the textures of the chair model to see if my above hypothesis was correct but sadly the chair model contains layered UV mapped textures, once I exported the model as an .obj from Art of Illusion with the shiny texture corrections, I was then unable to load the model into Sweet Home.

I suppose you are also going to want to know how I managed to get such nice looking grass! wink


Further thoughts:
Since Uber shader is a mix of a few shaders, is it possible that instead of the leaves and some other shiny surfaces being grey that their shiny value is being mistakenly interpreted to high so they are being rendered with a Mirror shader instead? Just trying to think of a solution to the phenomena.

Edit: to add further thoughts.