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Posted by db4tech at May 23, 2010 9:36:15 PM
Re: Simulate sun position and lights/shadows
Update! smile

I have finally located the settings to achieve the floor style I want Yay!

At first I thought I had found them using the Phong shader but then it turns out that Phong is only able to produce this type of reflection, try getting a plain shiny floor without diffused reflections like Shiny shader when using Phong, even the shiniest surface is diffused!?
So I experimented further and found the settings for Uber, Uber can produce surfaces with a matt finish, diffused reflection through to full glass like reflections.

I also found out that the nasty ceiling light scattering using Uber was caused the default Art of Illusion roughness setting (the Ns value being too low)

One strange thing though, the chair seat has no colour with Uber, could be as Emmanuel mentioned about some original objects being designed with unusual surface colour and values.

Oh and lights aren't rendering brighter with the new shaders, it is just that they are reflecting more.

Okay enough talk here are the results:
First normal Advanced photo render (Shiny shader)

Then Phong

While trying to produce a result like Shiny shader using Phong, this next image is the closest I can get??

Finally Uber (Perfect result)

Apart from some object textures that need fixing Uber produces the closest to the result I want and is the most versatile shader being able to produce dull, shinier or right through to (if required) a glass like surfaces.

Very happy with Uber! smile