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Posted by Puybaret at May 23, 2010 4:44:03 PM
Re: Simulate sun position and lights/shadows
db4tech and Hans, thank you for your tests. smile

notice the knobs on the unit and strangely the curtains?
The curtains use a flwhite material equal to:
Ka 0.6449 0.6116 0.5447
Kd 0.9837 0.9309 0.8392
Ks 0.8082 0.7290 0.5708
illum 2
Ns 200.0000

Therefore they are too shiny.
Before Sweet Home 3D supported MTL files, the colors of 3D models were colors predefined in this document, and many contributors (including me) were choosing a color without taking into account its shininess and specular color defined with newmtl tags here.
If we go forward with lights management, the shininess of all these old 3D models will have to be reviewed, but this is a tedious work that won't be done until we find the good parameters for the renderers and the shaders.

The window frame and probably the chair have the same problem.
Maybe I should simply reduce shininess and specular color when I use them in SunFlow renderer.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer