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Posted by db4tech at May 20, 2010, 3:27:18 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 2.4
Hi Emmanuel and Hans,

Each frame (or window position change) in the video shows what happens when a Sweet Home file is saved, the Sweet Home program is closed, next the file is opened again, file is saved (without making a changes) close the program, open the file and save the file again and so on.

Each frame of the video shows one screen capture when the Sweet Home file is opened.

Under normal use the windows only change (jump) once and I drag them back to the original positions before doing any work on the Sweet Home building before saving.

The video was created to see just how far the windows would keep moving if the user didn't keep dragging them back.

Hope this makes sense.

Emmanuel, to answer your question, the end of the video shows the maximum distance the windows seem to travel.

To help isolate what might be causing this (in case it was a hardware driver problem or operating system issue) I have just tested it for you using XP Pro under visualization (completely different OS and drivers for virtual hardware) and also a slightly older version of java and it does exactly the same thing, in windowed mode everything stays the same but once the program is full screen the widows change/jump positions (only) once, as soon as a file is opened.

I'm using a 16x9 aspect ratio display if it's helpful.

PS: I don't think I will be buying a Mac just so the preferences show in a different place. wink