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Posted by db4tech at May 19, 2010, 1:22:07 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 2.4
Thank you for the fixes.

I'm not a programmer but was the virtual visitor long description showing because a semicolon had been missed, separating the code description from the code?

One thing that may put people off testing the new version, this warning always shows (unless the 'Always trust...' box is ticked) with both the web start version and the DirectX version on Windows 7.

What are yours and others thoughts on moving a couple of things?
The Preferences from the File menu to the Edit menu. (Since changing preferences is editing something, plus most other programs have preferences found on the edit menu. Will help new users if preferences are where they are used to finding it, regular users will soon adapt to the change)


Moving the Export to OBJ format... from the 3D view menu to the File menu since clicking on Export to OBJ format... always saves the full model and not just what is visible in the 3D view.

I was going to make these suggestions with version 2.3 but then thought you were busy with other things, so now is the perfect time when coding a new version.


Edit: To fix a couple of typos.