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Posted by db4tech at May 16, 2010, 12:37:26 PM
Re: Simulate sun position and lights/shadows
Is this information helpful?

Importance sampling turned on (lock false) (Looks a lot better)

So a conclusion one could draw from these tests is that when using the phong and uber shaders with high power and glossy values respectively, using importance sampling can reduce the light points from the ibl. Increasing samples does not rid the phong and uber shaders of, what Kirk referred to as, “constellations.”

I've probably not understood the complexity of the shaders. So from a layman's perspective. If Uber shader doesn't work well or is too slow, could you use the shaders you were using before but insert a Phong shader in the middle?

Diffuse shader for matt surfaces, Phong shader (C1,C2 and C3) for slightly shiny surfaces then Shiny shader for glass like reflections?

If I have oversimplified the operation of the shaders and got it all wrong I hope my post makes you smile and brightens your day smile


On closer inspection Phong shader C1 looks very strange, maybe Uber shader with importance sampling turned on might be a good all round solution, what are your thoughts?

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