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Posted by db4tech at May 15, 2010, 9:18:38 PM
Re: Simulate sun position and lights/shadows
Puybaret wrote:


I just released the version 1.2 of the Advanced rendering plug-in with the following new features:
- I removed the threshold set on shininess. In the previous version, a shininess smaller than 64 was ignored. If some objects get too shiny, you can decrease their shininess by setting the "Ns" value in their MTL file (a 0 or 1 value meaning not shiny) and reimport them, or by setting their color in Sweet Home 3D with the furniture modification dialog.
- I enlarged a little lamp lights to soften shadows.

Hi Emmanuel,

When importing .obj files (created in Art of Illusion) into Sweet Home, then rendering using your Advanced render 1.2 I am still only able to produce either a matt finish or glass like surface with nothing in between:

(Art of Illusion Wooden floor.obj Texture shininess 0.0, Wooden floor.obj then imported and rendered with Sweet Home 3D)

(Art of Illusion Wooden floor.obj Texture shininess 0.1, Wooden floor.obj then imported and rendered with Sweet Home 3D)

The Art of Illusion texture shininess setting goes all the way to 1.0 , the most I have used is 0.1 and still getting glass like reflections, what am I doing wrong?

This is the type of reflection I would like (Photoshop mock-up)

Are there some other values I can alter to produce a slightly shiny floor like in my Photoshop sample or is it a limitation of SunFlow?

If it is a SunFlow limitation would it be possible to use another render engine from within Sweet Home like YafaRay or does it have to be a Java based engine?

Yafaray render.

PS: The floor texture I used is from a free texture source.
Oh and larger lamp lights please for when not using the ceiling light setting. wink

Thank you in advance for your help.