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Posted by db4tech at May 10, 2010, 10:52:55 PM
Re: Simulate sun position and lights/shadows
I like your idea of offering a choice for different depth of field. will you be sticking to the laws of physics in that a close focus point always allows a shallower depth of field than a further focus point?

Not sure if this link might be useful.

One question in connection with shallow depth of field does SunFlow only have one method of blurring the out of focus areas?

From my first render, with shallow depth of field, sadly SunFlow doesn't produce smooth bokeh, which even though it is out of focus, it doesn't make it look as out of focus as it could be as some edges are quite sharp and angular. sad


PS: For those wondering what 'bokeh' is, in photography it is the quality of an out of focus area in a photograph, some camera lenses produce nice silky smooth graduations in the out of focus areas, while others produce strange uneven busy patterns.