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Posted by dorin at Oct 3, 2021, 12:51:04 PM
Generate roof plugin
In the series of YAUP: GenerateRoof plugin v1.0 alpha
!!! WARNING !!!

  • Fail on more than 90% of cases
  • Not all texture are correct rendered

Q:"Why you published like this?"
A:"It's a path trout jungle. Someone else could make a highway from this"

How I think to use:

  • Select a room (manually made or trout Autodimensioning))
  • Tools -> Generate roof... bla.. bla..
  • Set roof faces angle -> OK (optionally check inner polygons)
  • On preview click OK

Result something like this:

Now you have to set textures and texture angle:

Finally (if You have lack):

Don't forget!!!
It's an alpha stage AND
I'm not a programmer!

PS This is the test file .
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