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Posted by enkonyito at Sep 16, 2021, 3:45:44 AM
Re: Add another 3D model to an existing 3D model?
When I select a light and added sources manually, only the light is taken into account when exporting the selection in OBJ format.
If I only select the sources added manually, the .obj and .mtl files are empty when exporting the selection in OBJ format.

How to bypass the restriction in the WriteNode method of the OBJWriter class?
...else if (node instanceof Shape3D) {
Shape3D shape = (Shape3D)node;
Appearance appearance = shape.getAppearance();
RenderingAttributes renderingAttributes = appearance != null
? appearance.getRenderingAttributes() : null;
if (shape.numGeometries() >= 1
&& (renderingAttributes == null
|| renderingAttributes.getVisible())) {
// Start a new object at OBJ format
this.out.write("g " + objectName + "\n");

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