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Posted by AlexQ at Aug 29, 2021, 9:32:09 AM
Re: Texture turned out different from Texture applied to cabinet.
Hi Hansmex,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I had not been into rendering at all. I thought when we create a model in 3D (minus rendering with lights to change its appearance to the eye), the model should represent the selected colors faithfully.

As far as I know, I've not added any light to the model. How then would SH3D knows whether it is "daylight" or "artificial" light being used? Is there a "default" lighting?

Prior, I saw a simple video tutorial on SH3D teaching how to build walls and applying colors to the wall. It didn't touch on rendering, yet the colors of the walls turn out all white when the author draws it. Thus, I couldn't believe why my walls came out different as they did.

If I go ahead and applied the "rendering" specifications as you advised, what will happen next? when I add in other pieces of furnitures with different colors and textures...would I have to keep on re-tuning the rendering parameters trying to match the colors of various pieces of furniture ....which will be almost impossible as there will be no "one size fits all"

May I request you kindly put the changes you had done to my model and place it into mediafire so I can access it? This will help me greatly to look into rendering. Thank you very much for your prompt reply.